Yore Place

...in Egg Harbor

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Yore Place

Our Place is Yore Place in Egg Harbor.......for DC History

Artist in residence.....Gaylord (Gay) Herbst

but, just call me Giz and don't ask why!

2021 Hours - 11:00am-4:00pm - Mon.-Tue.-Thr.-Sat.s. (by chance - Wed.-Fri.-Sun.).

Or phone for an appointment 920-868-3475,  or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

PaPa Giz is a 1962 graduate of Sturgeon Bay High School, Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin.    He received his BS Degree from the University of Wisconsin-Stout in Industrial Arts Education in 1966 and his MS Degree from Stout in 1967 in Guidance and Counseling.    In 2000, PaPa Giz retired after 33 years as a graphics teacher, athletic director and coach from the school district in Seymour, Wisconsin.    PaPa Giz and Momette Linda, so named by granddaughter Emma, purchased 7892 Hwy 42, in Egg Harbor in 1985 and opened YORE PLACE in EGG HARBOR in 1986 at that location.   Giz and Linda have been at YORE PLACE for a long time and plan on remaining for many more years.  Giz paints while Linda bakes the best cherry pies,  ask her family and friends.

As PaPa Giz, the painter, many times I've been asked what kind of painting I do.   My answer, “not house painting for sure, but watercolors.”   “Well, what kind of watercolors?”   I never really did have an answer other than things like lighthouses, historic buildings, farms, maritime subjects...lately I've been doing some commissioned works, especially farm homesteads, churches, businesses...you know those kinds of things.  A book cover layout commission was completed in 2011.

Finally, in the summer of 2010 the answer came to me through two separate sources.   While displaying some of my works at the Jacksonport Cherry Fest Arts and Crafts Show, a stately lady, I won't say older or elderly, but instead a stately 'mature' lady, was looking over my paintings.    She stopped to talk and asked, “you grew up in the '50s, didn't you?”    I answered, “yes, why do you ask?”  “Because your paintings are so 'soft'.

So, now when people ask what kind of paintings I do, I have half the answer.   I do, “soft paintings”.

And then my ol'friend Monty, while we were out and about the county on a photo shoot said, “Giz, you've been at this for a while now, we've got to pigeon hole your art work, I'll work on it.”   Several days later came the e-mail,   “Giz, you're an Architectural Folk Artist.”   “OK, Monty, I'm an Architectural Folk Artist.”

So finally, now when people ask what kind of painting I do.  It's, “ I do soft architectural folk art.

To view Giz's paintings, navigate to Watercolor Paintings.  Giz does have a disclaimer, the color in the photos under Watercolor Paintings may not be true to the original paintings...come and visit at Yore Place to view the real thing.

So, What is Giz Up To?

Giz's interest in Egg Harbor and Door County History has led to a position on the board of directors for the Egg Harbor Historical Society www.eggharborwi.com .   Much of his art work has a historic flavor with each painting including a brief narration.

The Village of Egg Harbor recently opened the Kress Pavilion/Library, an imposing structure influenced by the historic Viking boathouse on Rock Island, a state park north of Washington Island.  Giz has been doing some 'stuff' for the historical society in the history center of the library.  Be sure to stop in and check out the Kress Pavilion/Library when in Egg Harbor and be sure to stop in the history center.  Google kress/pavilion.org for schedules and special events at the center, the fine arts will be on display as the facility gets it's feet wet.

Giz has compiled several Egg Harbor specific resource manuscripts for the EHHS and you can find them in the history center-library of the Kress center.  They include: Egg Harbor's Heritage, Building a Village, A Photo Album of Chief Roy Oshkosh, The Door County Bookmobile, The Horseshoe Bay Settlement - Volume 1 and 2, Egg Harbor's Dr. H.F. Eames, The Bertschinger Brothers, Harvey and Helen Haen, and Herman Birnschein's story.

art show

Giz at his Seymour Museum Art Exhibition opening


YORE PLACE in Egg Harbor is the sole source in Wisconsin for Fred's wood fired pottery.   Fred's website - https://www.herbstcollective.com



Yore Place in Egg Harbor