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Mansfield Roller Mill and Covered Bridge - #1001


The Mansfield Roller Mill and its covered bridge is 1 of 31 covered bridges located in Parke County, Indiana.  The mill is open to the public during the tourist season. Most bridges are still used for vehicle and pedestrian traffic.  A couple of warnings are at each bridge, "one lane only", and "cross this bridge at a walk".

A visit to the covered bridges of Parke County served as a catalyst for painting the mythical "Covered Bridges of Door County".

A bit of Door County enhances the Mansfield scene, namely Ephraim's Moravian Church, Gus Klenke's Ellison Bay Garage, and Baileys Harbor's historic hotel and blacksmith shop...a bit of artistic liberties.

Original watercolor by PaPa Giz - 15" x 25" - #1001 - Phone or e-mail for pricing.



Yore Place in Egg Harbor