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Southern Door's Covered Bridge - #1008

southern door

The  covered bridge is located between the country church on Stage Road and the Belgium farm on Oakwood, both just off old highway 57 in southern Door County.

The red brick houses seen in the Belgium community are the direct result of the Peshtigo Fire of Oct. 8,1871.   The flames of the Peshtigo Fire were carried across the waters of Green Bay by hurricane force winds and destroyed a good portion of southern Door County.   Both human and animal life were lost in numbers on both sides of the bay far in excess of that of the famed Chicago Fire which occurred on the same date.

Many of the Belgium community rebuilt their wood frame and log homes using the fire resistant brick.

Original watercolor by PaPa Giz - 11" x 21" - #1008 - Phone or e-mail for pricing.




Yore Place in Egg Harbor