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Welcome To Egg Harbor - #1104

welcome to egg harbor

The Harbor View Park is the central attraction to the village of Egg Harbor, Wisconsin.   The rebuilt (2010) marina is a village highlight along with the million dollar sunsets that can be enjoyed from the park or marina.  To be more accurate, the sunsets are a $6.6 million dollar investment by the property owners of Egg Harbor to share with the many visitors.  The feature of the marina is it's 'pink' granite break wall, the stone being shipped to Egg Harbor from Wausau, Wisconsin.

It's rumored that this beautiful village was named after a legendary egg battle that took place in the harbor on June 23, 1825.  A flotilla of a number of Mackinac boats delivering furs to the trading post up north on Mackinac Island were about to land in the harbor for a night's rest when the fur traders, in jest, started throwing eggs at each other.  The great egg battle stopped only when ammunition ran out, and the men "laughed until exhausted."  The spot was formally christened Egg Harbor.

Egg Harbor, the gateway to northern Door County, was an agrarian community with abundant dairy farms and orchards until around the 70s-80s when tourism and vacation home and condo living really started to develop in the area.

Original watercolor by PaPa Giz - 11" x 15" - #1104 - SOLD. Prints are still available.


Yore Place in Egg Harbor