Yore Place

...in Egg Harbor

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Sailing Egg Harbor - #1605

The Village of Egg Harbor is coming into its own as Door County’s most popular cruising destination. It offers the best deep-water sailing access on the Peninsula. In the last few years, the Village has built a new marina, expanded and improved the public beach, and renovated Harbor View Park. The marina lies in the heart of the village.

Egg Harbor is a deep bay. It is wide open to winds from northwest to northeast but is well protected from all others. Shelter from northerlies is afforded by the village marina. There are no reefs or obstructions en route to the marina. There are a couple large private breakwalls just north and south of the marina to be aware of as you make your final approach. A green navigation light stands at the southern-most end of the new breakwall, with a green number-1 daymark facing northwest.  The majority of the marina’s piers are in 10 to 16 feet of water but the harbor entrance is 20 feet deep and the outer edge of the main breakwall is 25 feet deep. Sailors love Egg Harbor for its deep waters and lack of obstructions.

On the average the elevation of the waters is 578 feet above sea level. Location of Egg Harbor is 45.052667 N Latitude by 87.301746 W Longitude.  Happy sailing.

Original watercolor by Papa Giz – 10" x 14" - Phone or e-mail for pricing.


Yore Place in Egg Harbor