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Market Square Twilight Softball - #1102


The Market Square was the center of the city and drew the young and old downtown.  It was the city's softball diamond into the 1950s.  Softball  games brought many downtown after a days work at the shop, office, or shipyard to the square for the summer nightly ritual of outfielders chasing the ball up into and under the maple trees on the front lawn of the school or across Michigan Street up onto the lawn of the library or museum.   A twilight double header was the usual, "let's play two" was the call of those men wanting to return to their youth.

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin's "Market Square" was the hub of the city's activities from the time the city was founded until the start of the 1960s, after which its surface and philosophy of use was changed and the year round activities moved to different locations throughout the city.  At about the same time the prominent high school and county court house structures were taken down.

The 'square' was surrounded by the several historic buildings, including the county library @1913, county museum @1939, school @1909, county court house @1878 and the warming house @1941.

Original watercolor by PaPa Giz - 14"x21" - #1101 - Phone or e-mail for pricing.


Yore Place in Egg Harbor