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"First and Ten, Do It Again" - #1112


"First and ten, do it again" was a familiar cheer for the Sturgeon Bay Clippers' class of '62 as they made major contributions to three consecutive conference football championships.

The formidable 14's senior roster included: 11-Gordy S., 12-Fuzz A., 14-Charlie S., 20-Frank H., 22-Schatzi C., 24-Knut K., 26-Teddy M., 27-Rudy M., 32-Giz H., 34-Tuffy M., 36-Altie S., 38-Jim N., 42-Bob S., and 43-Porky G.

The strength of the group was multiple, a defense to put the clamps on the opposition and an offensive machine known as the TWING.  The TWING, a combination of traditional T-formation and WING-formation plays.  The TWING was the thing and reigned as king.

The 'formidable 14' lettered 8 as sophomores during the '59 undefeated campaign.  As juniors, the 14 had 12 lettermen who again make big contributions toward a second championship and a team that ended up ranked 19th in the state, a ranking which included all of the state's schools.  Our buddy Beans is always quick to add that he was included as one of the letter winners, earning his letters as the holder for kicking extra points, of which we had many.  An injury prevented him from joining the 14 for the senior campaign.

Much to the chagrin of the boys, Coach Al resigned before their senior year and moved on to Green Bay East High School.  It was the second game of their senior year, during the '61 campaign, that the 14 finally ran into their demise and lost to DePere, ending their string of victories at 17.  For whatever the reason, their new head coach decided to put the WING part of the TWING on the bench and the Clippers' running machine came to a screeching halt as coach unveiled his  T-formation.

Needless to say, a veil was immediately put on the T-formation and the TWING rightly brought back for the next game for a 34-0 thrashing of Algoma, the biggest victory over rival Algoma in 39 years.  The Clippers reloaded after that loss to DePere by switching Frank from his wingback position to fullback and he responded with 126 yards and 3 TD's against Algoma and the run was on for the remainder of the season.  Did you ask, what about the pass, what pass, it was an all out run to the end.  The H & H brothers, Frank and Giz, rolled up major yards and scores behind stellar lead blocking.  How stellar was the blocking, how about 34-0, 41-19, 22-0, 32-0, 20-0, and 26-0.  Did I say the '62 boys also played defense!

First and ten, they did it again and again for a 23-1 record and three championships.

Original watercolor by PaPa Giz - 10"x18" - #1112 - Phone or e-mail for pricing

(the painting is in sequel to "The Old Sturgeon Bay Gym", a painting of Clipper basketball, and  "The Reception Line", a painting with a baseball theme)


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