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The Reception Line - #1113


The 'Reception Line' awaits Beans, #23, after blasting a home run to lead  Sturgeon Bay in a victory over rival Algoma.   It's evident that Beans was batting in his usual 9th spot because lead off batter Johnny, #2, is one of the first to greet him and he has his bat in hand ready to lead off the top of the order.  Homers were not the norm in the day of the wood bat, so the crew was a bit disorganized getting its reception line organized.  And a bit more enthusiasm could have been shown.

The '62 Clippers' senior squad included 11 vagabonds who knew how to have a good time, and along the way they could play a good game of ball.  Their main concern was a lack of experienced pitchers, so if games were scheduled too close together their record was usually win one, lose one.  Beans couldn't always hitt'em, but he could pitch'em.  The team had no 'setup men or closers', just players, win or lose, who liked to finish what they started.

Their record, probably 6-4 in the regular season, and 2-1 in the WIAA tournaments.  Not bad considering too much time was spent picking and weaving dandelions while strolling to practice after school.  And then there was that pick off play at first base in their final tournament game...an error or not, we still to this day forgive, but not forget.  As has already been said, they knew how to have a good time and it was always a good bus ride home, even after that tournament game.

The 'Reception Line' includes, left to right on your radio dial:  #12 - Fuzzy A., #28 - Teddy M., #23 - Beans S., #2 - Johnny A., #4 - Tim S., #22 - Schatzi C., #24 - Knut K., #43 - Porky G., #25 - Gopher B., #14 - Charlie S., and #32 - Giz H.

Original watercolor by PaPa Giz - 10"x18" - #1113 - SOLD. Prints are still available.

(the painting is in sequel to "First and Ten, Do It Again", a painting with a football theme, and "The Old Sturgeon Bay Gym", a painting of Clipper basketball).    ("The Reception Line" was painted from referencing a photo appearing in the Door County Advocate)



Yore Place in Egg Harbor