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...in Egg Harbor

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Saturday Matinee - #1701

When growing up one of our diversions was the Saturday matinee at a local theater.  During our youth there were no cellphones, Ipads, computers, or even televisions to consume our free time, or expand our horizons.  If the beach was not yet ready for a summer swim, or there was no local 'ball game' going on in the fall or spring, or the Market Square skating rink frozen over or the Lawrence Big Hill sled hill covered with snow in the winter, a Saturday matinee 'picture show' was one of the choices for us growing up in Sturgeon Bay.

During my youth, Saturday morning was spent scouring the neighborhood knocking on doors to collect the plastic handles used to fasten two cartons of Plecks Milk together to make a half gallon of milk.  At the DOOR Theater, 12 of the handles got one in free to watch the matinee,  which we did at least twice, if not more, before heading home.  Free admission meant money for some popcorn. There was Tarzan, Flash Gorden, Roy Rogers, the Lone Ranger and Gene Autry to name a few of the favorites.

Original watercolor by Papa Giz – 12" x 20" - SOLD - prints are available.


Yore Place in Egg Harbor