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Roger's Twins - #0903

whitetailed deer

Roger's 'first year' twin White-tail Deer are startled at their evening feed of corn.

"White-tailed Deer" refers to the white underside of the tail, which is held conspicuously erect like a flag and waved side to side when the animal is startled, alarmed or running.  Some White-tailed facts:   they have good eyesight and acute hearing, but depend mainly on their sense of smell to detect danger;   males antlers are shed from January to March and grow out again in April or May, antlers are used during the mating season when males fight to breed with females;   adults have a bright, reddish brown summer coat and a duller grayish brown winter coat;   at birth, fawns are spotted with white and weigh between 3-6 lbs.;   White-tails are the most nervous and shy of our deer; they may bound at speeds up to 40mph;   they are good swimmers;   and the White-tailed Deer remain the most popular large game animal throughout most of the US.

Original watercolor by PaPa Giz - 14" x10" -  Commission. Prints are available.


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