Yore Place

...in Egg Harbor

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Momette's Garden - #1007


Momette, so named by granddaughter Emma, has a flower garden and an orchard.   Both garden and orchard can become quite an aviary.

The summer brings Cedar Waxwings, Eastern Bluebirds, Purple Finch, Cardinals, Robins, Gold Finch, Chickadees and Baltimore Orioles.   Ruby Throated Hummingbirds and House Wrens are the smallest and can be seen flirting amongst the hollyhocks.  Winter months find the hardy Chickadees, Purple Finch, Gold Finch and Cardinals at the feeders.

Original watercolor by PaPa Giz - 5"x28"- #1007 - SOLD - Prints still available.


Yore Place in Egg Harbor