Yore Place

...in Egg Harbor

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Abandoned Egg Harbor Farm - #1903


Farm fields dotted with big red barns and roaming cows are part of the fabric of Wisconsin’s landscape, but those idyllic scenes are vanishing. While Door County continues to evolve as a diverse agricultural producer, the county's total number of farms and farm acreage, including orchards, has trended downward.

Agricultural acreage has decreased from roughly 219,000 acres in 1964, or 70% of the county's total area of land, to 131,955 acres in 2012, or 42% of the county's total area of land; and the trend continues.  Agricultural losses have coincided with the increase in seasonal and year-round population, particularly in the northern part of the county. Towns in northern Door County that experienced high population and seasonal home growth also had some of the greatest percentage declines in dairy farm numbers, with some towns losing all of their dairy farms.

At times farms are simply abandoned and left unoccupied. Each year more small family farms have become property for a seasonal and year-round migration of people looking for the idyllic solitude of the backroads of Door County.

Original water color by Giz Herbst - 10" x 14" - Phone or email for pricing.


Yore Place in Egg Harbor