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Gus Klenke's Garage - #1514

The old Gus Klenke Standard Station is located in Ellison Bay, Door County, Wisconsin on the corner of Highway 42 and Garrett Bay Road.  Gus's old pickup truck is still parked next to the garage.

Gus came to Ellison Bay in 1918. He worked for Ed Evanson making cheese.  The cheese factory was located where the garage is today.  In the late ‘20s the cheese factory became a Standard Oil Station.  Gus Klenke was known for being able to repair about anything mechanical often by improvising a part from scrap metal. Gus's wife was a school teacher.

Gus's hobby was raising honey bees which produced honey that he sold from his garage.

Original watercolor by Papa Giz – 10" x 14" - Phone or e-mail for pricing.




Yore Place in Egg Harbor