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Tofts' Point - #1703

The Toft Point Natural Area is located in a secluded area off of Ridges Road as you leave north out of the village of Baileys Harbor, Wisconsin.  The 743 acres are now managed by the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, but it was the estate of Thomas Toft.  The original 325 acres of the 1870's abandoned stone quarry with its old-growth northern and boreal forest contain the largest continuous stand of old-growth (virgin) white pine on the entire western shore of Lake Michigan.  One such pine, blown over in a storm, was dated at over 400 years old.  Toft, a foreman for the small stone quarry operation located on the point was granted the point as back payment for his services when the quarry closed after the Sturgeon Bay Ship Canal opened and started passage in 1890 for large scale vessels that carried thousands of tons of stone from the quarries outside of Sturgeon Bay to the developing cities of Milwaukee and Chicago..   Toft point is located on the entry to Moon Light Bay, known as Mud Bay during Toft's day.

Original watercolor by Papa Giz – 17" x 23" - Phone or e-mail for pricing.


Yore Place in Egg Harbor