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Egg Harbor School - #1603


The original Egg Harbor District No. 1 School was located on what is now Cty. G (Horseshoe Bay Road), about where Dock Road comes up from the marina.  It was a one room school of wood construction.  It was open from 1855 until May of 1912. Classes in the district schools ran up through 8th grade.  There were five school districts within the township of Egg Harbor, District (1) Egg Harbor village school, (2 ) Horseshoe Bay, (3) Carlsville, (4) Sunny Point (Carmody), and (5) Pleasant Grove.

On July 10, 1910 at its annual meeting Egg Harbor voted a loan of $2500 from the state trust funds to build a department structure school on an eminence behind the new (1910) Catholic Church.  The school would be built of stone similar to the Catholic Church and have two classrooms with a basement.  It was noted the Egg Harbor No.1 School was one of the best schools in the county in matter of architecture and equipment. The school was completed in time for the September opening of the 1912-13 school year.  The painting above is of the new school.

At a special meeting on June 15, 1965 the electors of the school district authorized the building of a third classroom.  The room was created in the remodeled basement.

The school closed after the 1971-72 school year and the children went to the Gibraltar school in Fish Creek, or some in the southern part of the district to the Sevastopol School in Institute.  The building was torn down in the fall of 1977.

Original watercolor by PaPa Giz - 10" x 14" - #1603 - Prints are available.


Yore Place in Egg Harbor