Yore Place

...in Egg Harbor

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Lena's Sip-N-Chat - #1417

Egg Harbor Past and Present Through The Eyes Of A Big Brown Dog.....

Was Lena's Sip-N-Chat from 1942-1995.

Lena's was built by neighbor, Tom Carmody in 1930. George Kusch helped him build it. In 1942 Don and Lena Geissman bought it. Best known as Lena's Sip & Chat, Lena ran it until 1995.   In 2012 the Village purchased it, demolished it with the intention of building a new library and community center, that plan was dropped, the property sold and a distillery of "industrial design" was built.

Original watercolor by PaPa Giz - 9"x13" - #1417 - Phone or e-mail for pricing.


Yore Place in Egg Harbor